Megan Kennedy

Tasting Blue


collaboration/Sound design

Tasting Blue is a durational performance installation. Originally exhibited as part of The Wild at Project Gallery in November 2016, supported by an Arts Council Dance Bursary Award and Dance Ireland Residency, the performance went on to open the Live Collision Festival 2017.

Photos by Luca Truffarelli

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 Junk Ensemble (As part of Dublin Dance Festival’s Embodied for GPO Witness History Commission, 2016)

Walking Pale

Sound Design/Composition/Collaboration. Originally performed in The GPO’s Lightwell

as part of Embodied with five female choreographers in April 2016 to commemorate the Easter Rising centenary.

Photos by Luca Truffarelli

Walking Pale - Olwen wings - Jessica Kennedy.JPG


Abbey Theatre

(Winner ‘Best Sound Design & Composition’ Irish Times Theatre Awards)

Town is Dead

by Phillip MacMahon

From the writers of Alice in Funderland, Town is Dead is a play within music, an ode to Dublin and an exploration of how Ireland treats its people. It looks at the future of the city through the eyes of one older citizen.



Alice in Funderland

composition/music by

Originally commissioned and developed by THISISPOPBABY, Alice in Funderland marked the first Abbey backed Musical on the National stage in 20 years (Presenting “this essential and inspirational new musical about the here and now”).

(Originally created by Phillip McMahon and Jennifer Jennings, and developed with Ray Scannell, Wayne Jordan and the company.)

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For once the groupthink is right: it’s a hit.
— irish times